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Wget Straight From Nerdtree and Vim Using NERDTree-wget.vim

This is a simple plugin for NERDTree to allow a file to be pulled from the internet using wget. It can be found at the NERDTree-wget.vi repository

How To Use

Place the cursor over the directory you wish to pull the file into, then open the file menu in NERDTree using m, then press w. You will get an input asking you to enter the url of the file. Fill in the the url and press enter.




To Install using Vundle add the following to your vimrc file after the NerdTree Bundle.

Bundle 'markgandolfo/nerdtree-wget.vim'


To install via Pathogen run the following commands

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git@github.com:markgandolfo/nerdtree-wget.vim.git