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Node.Js Knockout Retrospective & Dns Bot App

It was a crazy 48 hours! My team members @coenhyde and @nathanhoad and myself had little knowledge of node.js and really didn’t know how to even start a project. But we investigated a bunch of frameworks and decided on:

ExpressJS as our main framework. Jade as our template language (which was integrated into express) Less for our stylesheets MongoDB for our database server

It all started with a mad rush to understand what the hell was happening within node, and more importantly how we could implement our idea! The event based architecture that node is built around made for an interesting adventure since our whole team is mainly PHP and Ruby on Rails developers. The first day was spent finding our feet, given the massive amount of nodeJs plugins and frameworks, but by the end of the day we had a good idea of the scope of the technology and more importantly a good idea of how much code we could cut within the remaining 24 hours. We decided to ditch our original idea and move more towards a simple tool that every technologist has been craving!

We called it DNS Bot App and its primary purpose is to assist you in the propagation of a domain. It works by pinging a variety of root servers all around the globe and building a picture of where your domain is resolving. for this first iteration it will show you A records, but stay tuned for more to come! All in all, Node Knockout was in my opinion a complete success, the goal of the competition was to get a few more people involved in Node and more importantly build some buzz around it.

Personally my goals going into the competition was simply to learn a new language, and although I’m nowhere near an expert, I really feel I’ve crossed that first hurdle that exists when learning a new language! So if you think that DNS Bot App may be useful for you now or in the future, please show some support and Vote for us! So a big shoutout to the node.js team, node knockout crew and of course my team members. It was a cool beer filled and sleep deprived ride, but one I’m looking forward to doing again!