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Paypal Sandbox: How to Verify a Bank Account and Get the Api

After about 6 hours today of pulling my hair out and trying to verify my bank account on my sandbox, I finally stumbled across a post that helped me do this For everyone else that is having a hard time getting the bank account to be verified, the secret is the BSB number. Do they tell you this anywhere? Well maybe, but do we look, hell no! Here are some step by step instructions on getting it working! Prerequisites:

  • Create a user account to access the Developer Central Sandbox.
  • Log in to the Sandbox account
  • Create a Test Account of type ‘seller’.
  • This will throw an error message on saving, but it will still create the account.
  • Click the Test Accounts tab to see the account it created. Create Confirm the email address:

  • Create business test account (done in prerequisite above)

  • Log into PayPal Sandbox with test business account details created earlier.
  • Go to Profile Tab
  • Go to Email
  • Choose the email address and click ‘Confirm’
  • Go back to the Sandbox Test Environment and click the Test Email tab
  • Open the email with subject line ‘Activate Your PayPal Account’
  • From the email body, select the confirmation URL and paste into new browser window – it will load the PayPal site (in sandbox mode).
  • Log in with business account.
  • . From the landing page, click the ‘confirm email’ link in the ‘To Do List’ box.
  • . Click the ‘click here if a link doesn’t appear in the email’ link.
  • . Paste in the confirmation number from the email in step 8, and click confirm. A confirmation of success should be displayed.
  • . Click Continue. Create Bank Accounts For Test Business Account:

  • Click the Profile tab

  • Click Bank Accounts link
  • Create a fake bank account. Test Bank. Use BSB 242-200 for Australia. Any random integer for account number, so long as it’s not already being used by another PayPal account. I ended up having to mash the keypad until I found an unused number.
  • Confirm the bank account by clicking the ‘confirm’ link after the step above.
  • Step 17 loads another page where you need to click ‘Submit’.
  • Step 18 loads another page where you need to click ‘I Agree’.
  • The account should now be verified.
  • Click the Profile Tab again.
  • Click API Setup
  • . Click Request API Credentials
  • . Select API Signature
  • . Click I Agree, Click Submit.
  • . Copy the details to a safe place for later reference. Developer Central Sandbox

  • Go back to the Developer central sandbox and login with your account details created in the prerequisite section of this document (i.e., not your test business account, but your actual Developer Central Sandbox account).

  • The Test business account should now be verfied.
  • Click API Credentials tab.
  • The API credentials obtained in step 26 should appear.


Liam: Thanks for the info! After a few hours butting heads with PayPal sandbox I finally have IPN setup thanks to your instructions.